I constantly feel like I’m being overwhelmed by noise that begins with my alarm clock (that goes off way too early in the morning) and ends with email alerts coming from my laptop (as my India team gets working as I’m heading to bed). This week, we learned all about sound and the profound impact it has on stories. It helps set the tone and mood. Given how hectic life is for me right now, I’m not surprised that the “noise” in my life feels overwhelming.

In addition to always feeling like I’m being bombarded with noise, I felt a little overwhelmed using new tools like SoundCloud and Audacity. However, both of the tools were fairly easy to use once I got the hang of things. My first endeavor with the software was with my news broadcast. Recording a ridiculous story…while pretending to be serious…was pretty fun and got me away from worrying about how my voice sounds.

Next, I honed my sound mixing skills to create a tribute to my sister’s upcoming wedding. I took a little creative liberty with one of the sound files to create a story that had a greater emotional impact on me…and something that I can share with her to help explain why I’m busy with school and not doing such a great job with being the maid of honor.

While reading my classmates’ blogs, I got the inspiration for my design assignment. Since we’re paying homage to sound and how it impacts storytelling, I took the same Craig’s List post and reinterpretted it with my recording. It was actually interesting to listen to my post and then relisten to hear’s. While completing this activity, I thought that this may be a good activity for the class to do….to highlight how everyone interprets and uses sound differently.

I learned about the Foley Artist and how awesome their role is! Since I can’t sing, dance or act…I used to always joke with my mom that a behind-the-scenes soundmaker may be my only shot at show business. After raading all the things the do, I think that’s even out now! I still need to create my Foley video.

Finally, I wrapped the week up with updating/enhancing an existing final project idea based on a suggestion by the professional!

All in all, I found a new appreciation for sound….the soundtrack for my life!