Paint by Numbers

I haven’t spent a lot of time with PhotoShop or other picture editing software. I got a little nervous when I saw this week’s request to go into the Assignment Bank and complete an assignment using a photo editing tool.

I picked two assignments near and dear to my heart. In my first assignment, I picked a patent designed by my boyfriend and stylized it using Pixlar. As a non-engineer, when Scott explains his work to me, it kind of all blurs together. Hence, I used formatting that made the picture a little blurry…unlike most engineering designs that are black and white. I always tried to make it more feminine with adding some pink hues to it to make it softer and gentler. This to me made the complex seem like it would be easier to understand.

Scott's Artwork

For my next assignment, I took Michael Jackson Thriller album cover and updated it. I distorted the imaging by crinkling and warping it, similar to how Jackson’s own image got distorted as he got older. I changed his famous white suit into an odd green shade to symbolize his outlandish behavior with Neverland Ranch and other peculiar behaviors. I also changed the color of his hand to foreshadow his change in skin color. I selected his hand because that is also where he wore his iconic glove.

Michael Jackson's Thriller

Using the photo editing software was fun. It is nice to get your creative juices flowing.


Ready, Set, Go…

I’m competitive and hate to lose. So, when I heard photo safari, time yourself, get as many pictures done as you can, I really wanted to get them all. However, then I remembered the advice provided in this week’s class video. We were encouraged to not just take photos but to sit and think about the photos we wanted to take. We were encouraged to be patient and anticipate where the next great photograph may come.

So, I found the photo safari exercise a bit of a counter exercise compared to that advice. However, it did make me start thinking about visual pictures. And, even as I tried to come up with creative angles or interesting pairing, I found myself using the same point and shoot angles. I definitely did not get all of the photos done. Nor did I come up with anything particularly interesting. But, the exercise did force me to stop and think and “look” at taking pictures from a different angle.