Wedding Bells

My sister is getting married in about 6 weeks. So, wedding bells and relationships are hot topics within my family. One of the comments that everyone keeps telling my sister is how fast the wedding day actually will go. They then usually proceed to ask my sister when she’s planning on having kids! Talk about rushing things! I used this topic as a base for my sound story. I tried to create the boy meets girl story using sounds from Free Sound. I editted the story together using Audacity, a tool I have never used before.

The story starts off as most…in a bar with lots of noise. This is where the boy meets the girl…although that has to be inferred. The next sound is of a couple laughing…presumably in a date setting. The track then skips to a proposal, wedding bells, clinking glasses and then…a baby crying.

The story is a tribute to my sister and her fiance! The original Audacity files had romantic music in the background. I’m not sure what happened when I outputed it to an MP3 file. I left the file “as is” so the listening can use their imagination with what happens in the blank spot. 🙂 I will admit that I cheated a bit with one of my sound bites with the proposal but since it was just one piece of the story and came from an open source file, I took my chance.



3 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. Overall I liked your story but wasn’t sure exactly which assignment this was from. I imagine it is from the sound effect story and thus you hit it on the nail in a lot of places. However, we were not supposed to have spoken words so that makes me think maybe I am mistaking it for something else? I did like how you had the kissing sounds and baby effect. Cute. Good luck to your sister!

  2. I love how the baby comes right after wedding kisses, definitely one way of portraying the family’s questions about the yet-to-be-born-baby’s arrival. I also sort of cheated on my sound story, using a clip I pulled from the web of a church sermon. I thought about trying to use Audacity to blurb it out and make the priest sound like the teacher from the Peanuts movies, but I decided to go with whatever the Freesounds Gods gave me. Weddings are definitely great stories. I wonder what the shape of your story would be, based on what we covered in week 1. Equally, did your story have all the elements of the story spine? I think the glass clinking and kisses could serve as a good “Middle” where the baby being born, perhaps, could be the “Climax?”

  3. You’ve got some good feedback here. I should note there is nothing as “cheating”– I will never mark someone down if they bent rules as long as the did something interesting…. totally like you did for the blank spot.

    The music might have helped, not sure why the track got lost. It sounds a bit empty with the clinking/kissing sequence (which was a great idea) as we’d expect to hear more background sounds, right?

    I do want to see URLs for the sources of your audio clips and a screen shot of your editing screen.

    But the whole purpose here was to get you started editing, so a job well done (and happily living after) (chaniging diapers)

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