Missed Connections…A New Take

I got my inspiration for this week’s DS106 audio assignment by reading a follow classmate’s blog on Craig’s List’s Missed Connections. Truth be told…I’ve never been on Craig’s List. But, I read her “Missed Connections” interpretation and got inspired. Since this week is all about audio and using sounds and audio to tell a story, I decided to take the same words she recorded and interpret them myself. I wanted to see if we could create different stories based on tone, cadence, volumn and background noise. The Craigslist Missed Connection is:

I saw you this morning on the orange line metro (towards largo/new carrollton), you were beautiful. I got on at Dunn Loring and you were already on. You had red tinted hair and a tealish bag. You were short and fit.

I never do this and I’m sure you’ll never see this but I wish I had said something.

Tell me what stop you got off at if you see this.

The words are not particularly eloquent and I initially read them as if they were posted from a male. So, I decided to slow down the pace and add more angst into the delivery. I also added in female crying from Freesound.org. This gave the post a distinctive female feel. Then, to comply withe request from the activity, I dropped in a rap beat. It actually fit well into the recording and almost made the crying sound musical.


8 thoughts on “Missed Connections…A New Take

  1. bcodelson says:

    This is awesome! I love that you interpreted this missed connection in a new way because really, who knows who wrote it and/or what they were thinking or feeling at the time. The whole missed connections section is pretty ambiguous. You don’t really know much about the story teller or their story. I thought the girl crying definitely gave this a feminine feel and made me think that the reader was upset about the encounter. The rap beat in the background was a nice touch, too.

  2. oh man! I’ve definitely been in this situation, to be honest, every day…ha! I definitely think that there is something to be said about how tone, cadence, and volume tie into capturing the emotion of the moment, particularly with a rap beat. How did you feel your delivery matched to the beat you used? For some reason, the word syncopation comes to mind and the gentle interplay of word emphasis and beat. A extended example of a hip hop beat painting a similar situation is Pharcyde’s classic “Passin’ me by” (http://youtu.be/QjsPG0Kspxo?t=26s). What do you think of they play with cadence and tone?

    • I love the Pharcyde song! I was hoping to create something similar when I dropped in a beat. Unfortunately, I am not really that talented of a rapper (I know…big surprise). When I was recording, I thought about potentially speeding up my voice/pitch/etc. to create different feelings with the same message. I think syncopation is a GREAT word. In this instance, I could definitely have added a train whistle to indicate the stop where the person got off and also where the disturbance or interruption to the “love” story happens.

  3. There is so much for me to like with your approach here, spot on about the way different people can interpret the same material – I love what you made here. It has the layers I hope to see you use in your audio. And the crying is over the top.

    I would like to read a bit more how you made this. What software? What is the source of the rap beat? And when you credit the crying, I’d like to see a link to that specific sound on freesound; if that sound was perfect for my story, it would help to have a direct link (and provides some credit for the person who uploaded it).

    There are a lot of Craigslist ads out there, are you ready to make a career of this? 😉 Great editing work.

  4. I think this could be a new channel on youtube where craig list comes alive and we can make light of some of the more random stuff that gets written on that site. Good job!

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