Final Project Idea: Self Help…for Fonts!

Last week, I proposed doing a final project on how the usage of fonts can create a mixed message. The professor suggested creating a self-help group for misunderstood fonts. That got me thinking…could I create a story about a misunderstood font and his bad news bears group of friends – other fonts with other notorious reputations.

Based on Pixar’s Storytelling Rules, everyone loves an underdog who they can resonate with…and who HASN’T been understood at some point in time? I was thinking that I could create a similar underdog story much like the commercial I reviewed a few weeks earlier.

I could leverage appropriate sounds to indicate the emotions and design similar to the commercial below. Through the “story”, the group could encounter different graphic designs that seem to “mock” the font. For example, whenever Comic Sans encounters a clown, it has a comic sans name tag. The more I think about this idea, the more I think it could be pretty fun to create…similar to this self help job ad.



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