Missed the Boat on Graphic Design

Life has been a little crazy! My project is launching at the beginning of June, my sister is getting married, I’m getting a new roommate and I’m finishing up with school…all within the same two week period. So, in reviewing the Design Safari blog posts from fellow DS106 participants, I realized that I had missed the boat this week.


I was really proud of myself for keeping my head up and looking around to recognize and capture pictures of design elements. I had watched this week’s video and look more of the Georgia O’Keeffe landscape photographs rather than signs and designs. Although the exercise really got my creative juices following, I realize that my design safari wasn’t on target. Speaking of Target, I’ll be sure to be on the lookout this week for graphic designs and provide an update NEXT week.

I loved the video on Symmetry. It really made me rethink the definition of symmetry which, prior watching the clip, I would have defined as matching, balanced or proportional. The video made me think more about relational, cause/effect and partnership symmetry. Some of my favorites included the cop/robber, the baby walking/old man walking and the families. It was eye-opening.

Similarly, I loved the video from Kelli Anderson. Her take on the Christmas card and the wedding invitation were amazing. In keeping with the theme of wonderment and looking at the unexpected, I found a really cool article of artwork that is so realistic, it looks like photography.

Reviewing the Finding Design Elements document sparked some inspiration for my final project on how using the wrong font can really send the wrong message.

I also had a lot of fun completing one of the design assignments in creating a four icon storyboard to represent a movie. I was super impressed that someone got it right off the bat! Apparently I need some help in my creativity since I thought the movie was more obscure than I realized. Reviewing the other blogs and seeing how they depicted movies was also great!

All in all, although I missed the design safari assignment and ran out of time to complete a second design assignment, I really feel like I learned a lot this week!


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