One of my all time favorites!

This week, for one of my design assignments, I opted to do the One Story/Four Icons assignment. I wanted to attempt to reduce a movie to four symbols. Although I am not a huge movie-goer, I realized that after completing the Five Card Flickr activity last week, I needed practice in brevity of storytelling.

My first quest was finding a movie that could be conveyed with icons BUT not easily distinguishable. I searched through my mental movie library of favorites. When I had one or two, I went off in search of icons. I found a bunch using the free icon finder. As I started to peruse, that’s where I found my inspiration to help me hone in on the story I wanted to portray (Clue # 1).

Since the movie is a more obscure choice from my childhood (Clue # 2), I opted to tell the story using icons that represented the pieces of the plot rather than characters (Clue # 3). I looked for symbols that would resonate as if I was playing a game of charades. I copied each of my icons from the site and pasted them into PowerPoint. I then top aligned them and horizontally distributed them across the page. I then put a black border around the pictures and turned it into a .jpg using a snipping tool. I just hope that I told the story as well as its award-winning director (Clue # 4).


You can find the answer here!


4 thoughts on “One of my all time favorites!

  1. Batteries not included? Avengers? Apparently my imagination isn’t as strong as I need it to be. I like how each icon has the same game iconic glow and rounded nature. Some of the feedback I received was that I could improve the image by applying a unifying theme to the icons, despite them coming from different locations on the web. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep tabs on my sources, but that’s definitely something I’ll look forward to including in the image notes…just go to give credit where credit is due.

    The only thing I would add is a hyperlink that links the audience to the answer..because I’m stumped 🙂

  2. I must give you kudos for doing this assignment because I almost did it and Friday night I was struggling with how to pick a movie and do it with icons. So you win for even coming up with four icons. Also you know I already think you are awesome but now with this movie you are even more, this was a favorite of mine growing up too! So glad you picked it. I didn’t get the answer but liked it. I guess the cone and the person threw me off but the other two were good. I liked how you gave clues in your write up. Good job.

  3. Good suggestion and followup. I liked that you made this a game/challenge, and that it meets the criteria of not being so easy that it gives itself away.

    I would like to see specifically the URL link for each icon you found. Let’s say I would like to do a different movie, but that little house icon is perfect. I’d have to do the whole search thing. Linking to each as source gives credit too.

    But designed and explained perfectly.

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