Final Project Idea: Mixed Messages with Font

I had to chuckle when I watched the John Stossel on Graphic Design video that ends with “never use Comic Sans”. It reminded me of an email that came out a few years back. As context, Dan Gilbert, a highly successful businessman from the Detroit area and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, published an open letter to fans after LeBron James announced he was leaving the team for the Miami Heat. The letter contained lots of strong language including the sentence, “I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THAT THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS WILL WIN AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE THE SELF-TITLED FORMER ‘KING’ WINS ONE.”

The interesting thing about the letter is that it was published in Comic Sans. So, despite the clear display of negative emotions, the font really sent a mixed message that if you just looked at it, kind of made you happy.

As a final project idea, are there other published letters/signs/etc. that send a mixed message because of the font used.


5 thoughts on “Final Project Idea: Mixed Messages with Font

  1. This is an interesting question- maybe you might have to create them yourself? And the whole Comic Sans thing gets a bit religious, poor Comic Sans, the font no one respected.

    Maybe you could have a self-help group for Fonts Who Are Not Respected- Comic Sans, Papyrus, and Times Roman (every says he is boring).

  2. the self-help group idea is a funny one. You could have the old salt (Courier New), who has been around forever, Wingdings, who nobody understands, etc. The “lesson” could be how to convey different themes/emotions/tones with font and a primer on best practices for selecting and using fonts?

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