Week 3: Layers

This week, we learned about the importance that visual pictures can make in telling a story. I started by watching a fun video that played off of words and their “definitions” using images. It was interesting how they linked all of the images together but that each definition had its own unique meaning. I think my favorite in the video was the series on falling which ranged from things actually falling to falling in love.

Then, the director of photography of National Geographic shared his viewpoints on photographic imagery. I thought the story he told about his son getting pulled out to sea was interesting. In his mind, he could picture everything…including himself as the hero. His son on the other hand pictures him yelling at him from the shore. I thought was fitting…it reiterates the point that even though photos are 2-dimensional as Jason Eskenazi described, there still is something interesting that one focuses on in the picture.

Next, I moved on to working with photo picture taking and editing. We went on a photo safari in search of unique pictures and thinking about picture taking as a whole. I realized during the activity that even with a suggested list, I’m still really boring in my photography skills. Then, I moved on to play with Pixlar and make my own unique picture updates. While working on this assignment, it was interesting because my boyfriend texted me a picture about 8-hours of LAX plane take-offs layered together in one photograph. The picture is amazing because it shows how photography can be used to layer together activity over an extended period of time for one “moment in time” photo.

LAX planes<

This week really got me thinking about the power of a photo and the cool things you can do with it. However, it also made me think about cyberbullying and how things can go terribly wrong when the power of a photo is used in the wrong, evil kind of way.


2 thoughts on “Week 3: Layers

  1. Good work on exploring the range of ways of using visuals… I am not sure you saw it, but there is a visual assignment that uses a similar photo of airplanes- the idea being we think of a photo of capturing a single moment in time, but they can also represent the passage of time too


    In terms of the power of photos, you are spot on that they can be used for less virtuous purposes. One might think about the old saying of what is in the eye of the beholder– are you saying we have a responsibility to consider the impact when we create visuals? There are cases where an image that one person considers amusing has a different meaning for someone else. I’d like to be optimistic in that filling the world with more positive and artful photos can maybe drown out the negative.


    It is complicated.

  2. I almost did the time-lapse exercise, but opted for the lower-hanging fruit as I found myself again painted into the corner was the weekend procrastination station. What I find fascinating about the time-lapse is that it reveals the different layers and how they move related to each other. One of my favorite examples, is the timelapse of the stars

    In that instance, you see the passage of time. More interesting, is when you add something that doesn’t move, creating an interesting contrast and point of reference.

    I’m curious about your reference to Cyberbullying. The beauty (and perhaps curse) is that one image can mean so many different things. I suppose, when perceptions of an image highlight the conflict between an individual and the norms of a larger body, that could constitute “bullying,” but, as CogDog saysi above, “It is complicated.”

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