Create a 2 X 2 for me

In consulting, I am frequently asked to take a concept and break it down into a version of the 2 X 2 matrix. The purpose of the 2 X 2 matrix is to take complex information and break it down into easy to understand, easily digestable concepts. I felt like I was doing a similiar activity while working on the Five Picture Flickr Story. However, in this instance, I actually needed to create some complexity and storyline based on five simple pictures.

In drafting my story, I used the story spine to connect my pictures as well as Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling as guidance.

Once upon a time…There was this character who was born on the wrong side of the tracks. Since the story is written from the 1st person, it could be you or someone who is telling their own story from their vantage point. Either way, the story starts to resonate and you want to learn more.

And every day… The chararcter goes to work in a mind-numbing job.

Until one day… One day, the character illegally attends a class discussion and becomes entranced.

And because of this… The character has a renewed sense of hope and interest in school and life.

And ever since that day… The story really kind of leaves it up to the imagination. Maybe the character focuses more on school. Maybe the character keeps the janitor job but now has a renewed sense of purpose.

I will admit that completing the actvity was harder than I thought it would be. I also cheated twice and requested new pictures!



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