Week 2: Can You Hear Me Now?

Growing up, my mom used to always say that we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. She said that we need to listen more than we talked. I have used that skill while working as a consultant. I try to let my clients talk and share information and then perspective before talking and assuming I know their business problems.

This week, I learned that listening takes more than two ears. It takes hands, feet, heart, soul and an open mind. Evelyn Glennie’s Ted Talk really made me think differently about the definition of listening. In her talk, she challenged the audience to think about what “baggage” they bring into a music hall and how that impacts them watching the show. As someone who loves musical theater, I appreciate the challenge and will do a personal inventory before attending my next performance.

For the first time EVER, I listened to a radio show…a story without pictures! AMAZING! When I first read this assignment, my initial reaction was that it seemed kind of silly. However, after listening to two episodes of The Truth, I was hooked. The two episodes had the elements that we’re learning about – the beginning, middle and end plus the unexpected twist. I found myself engrossed in the stories and using my imagination to paint the pictures of what the characters looked like and what they would do “next” after the story ended.

Then, I took what I learned last week and deconstructed a commercial. As a marketing person, I LOVE commercials. I picked one of my favorites – Hank the Horse who wants to be a Budweiser Clydesdale. The commercial speaks to me because I am someone who doesn’t have a lot of athletic ability. BUT…I’m super determined and work really hard. Although I have seen the commercial a dozen times, the activity really did make me think about all of the components and why I like this commercial so much.

I also thought a little more about my final project. I always joke with my family that they have their way of traveling and I have MY way. In thinking through final project ideas, I thought about potentially writing about that.

Finally, I had an opportunity to review the blogs of my classmates. I was really impressed with the sites that I reviewed. People were really creative in their naming/taglines and open in their thoughts and feelings.  



One thought on “Week 2: Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. I would guess Mom is proud, as you certainly put the listening skills to work for this week. This is a picture perfect summary and has all the elements I hope to see; it gives me a sense of what you did and how you are thinking about it.

    Thats great you appreciated the radio shows; for what its worth, podcast radio shows are a great way to use the down time while on planes, in trains, waiting in the terminal…

    And if you thought that was silly for an assignment… just wait.

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