Final Project Idea: The Truth about Cats and Dogs

I’ve had a dog for about 10 years. He’s my best buddy. About 4 years ago, I took a job where I travel each week. My dog stays with my parents Monday – Thursday. There are lots of different articles on how to be a single parent and how to be a great dog owner. But, I haven’t found great information that talks about how to be a great single parent dog owner. I want to tell my story and the great bound I still maintain with my dog.


2 thoughts on “Final Project Idea: The Truth about Cats and Dogs

  1. That has good potential, and will be interesting to see how that can be drawn out as a story that readers can identify with… I suspect you know the characters well (I’ve been without a dog for too long for the reasons of not wanting to keep boarding one when I travel).

  2. I too have a best buddy and he is a DS106 mascot! You can follow him on twitter @gifadog and he has his own tumblr 🙂 I warn you though, he loves animated gifs so the blog is just for those!

    On a more serious note (we do have fun on DS106 with our pets and likes and dislikes) I know how hard it is to keep an animal and find good advise when the reality of life is that we cannot be there with them for 24 hours a day. Like Alan, I did not have a dog for many years because of my lifestyle. Little Colin came to me as a rescue and was only meant to be temporary….as a friend said: he decided to keep me. He is still with me and, like you, I have help with him but I get into trouble with family when I refuse to leave him as weekends – want me to visit? It is me and my dog…

    Look forward to your projects. Many of us open participants love dogs. @rockylou has a lovely dog she calls her digital diva and heck your course is being run by one.

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