My Dad the Storyteller

When I think of Storytelling, I think of my dad. The association is most obvious because he used to read me a story every night before going to bed. I always associated the stories with the beginning, middle and end. My dad also did a great job of bringing in different characters through the use of voices that drew my sister and me in.

But, as I grew up, I realized that my dad was really a gifted storyteller…of his OWN stories that he told. Beyond just the beginning, middle and end, he did a great job of drawing people in with his voice and making them feel personally connected. As Andrew Stanton said in his Clues to a Great Story Ted Talk, he “made them care”.

My dad also brought each of his audience members along on his journey by feeding them the story bit by bit. As Stanton also explained, my dad unifyied the audience by giving them 2 + 2.

The importance of these elements also comes into play with digital storytelling. Digital stories have an opportunity to draw people in and deliver a story using compelling imagery. The example Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek provides a good example. The first part of the story is present day avalanche with vivid descriptions and thoughts of a victim caught in the avalanche. Images dispersed throughout the story make you feel like you are there. The story then flashes to the past to feature historical deadly avalanches in the area. The reader can draw the conclusion that this is a dangerous area. The digital format helps reiterate Stanton’s point that storytelling is, “Drama is anticipation mingled with anticipation.”




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