Week 1: Lauren’s Arc

This first week of readings and activities made me take a step back and rethink my notion of stories and storytelling. The “TouchCast” video about Storytelling and Design took my initial concepts and added details to things I knew but didn’t necessarily articulate in my initial definition of a story.

A good story has a character who is “living” in a contextual environment. The character is faced with a problem that propels the story. A good storyteller takes the initial set-up and brings the reader/listener along on the journey to solve the conflict. The story ultimately ends with a resolution, a sometimes climatic end. The story as a whole follows an arc with a rise and fall of action that propels the story along.

As I think about how to apply this in my own life, I realized that I need to follow this similar arc as I work with my clients and walk them through my deliverables. And in my blog, I need to need to create a character that resonates with readers that gets them to want to read my posts. Prior to this first week, I thought of blogs as separate, disjointed posts by random people. But, as I thought more about bloggers and twitter accounts who have several followers, I realized that they most likely attract people to their posts because of their characters and stories they tell through their posts. I’m excited to explore more!


One thought on “Week 1: Lauren’s Arc

  1. I too used to think of blogs as separate, disjointed posts until I realized it was my own inconsistent viewing patterns that made me think of them as disjointed. Over time, I believe that blogs do indeed follow unique arcs, or complex mathematical representations of a wave’s ups and downs. I would challenge you (and myself, as well as the rest of the class) to create a consistent viewing pattern so that at least our “window” to the “Ocean” will be true and relatively consistent. With that settled, we can focus better on the the ebb and flow of thoughts coming across other blogs.

    Looking forward to reading more!

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