Get to Know Lauren

My name is Lauren. I am part of the GMU eLearning Cohort. I am a 2nd year manager in Human Capital Consulting and newbie when it comes to blogging. Setting up this blog was a bit overwhelming to me since there were so many different places to review and settings to master. I’m hoping that this gets easier!

I live in Detroit and travel extensively for my projects. Over the last year or so, in addition to domestic travel, I’ve worked in Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada. I specialize in training for tech adoption projects. I am very excited to learn more about digital story telling.lmr


2 thoughts on “Get to Know Lauren

  1. Welcome, and glad to see your blog here. Those are some fantastic locations you get to work; Costa Rica remains high on my list of places to see soon.

  2. Hi, Lauren. I am so glad you decided to post you name and a photo. I have been commenting on other GMU students posts this week and noticed that I found it hard to relate without a human friendly name (rather than initials or computer ids) and a photo or avatar…It made me reflect on how we establish connection online and what draws us into the ‘story’ of a given blog…

    It looks like you are overcoming the overwhelm pretty quick! You blog is looking great and I look forward to reading your posts. Just wanted to say hi here.

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